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About Us

Rey Properties Summarised

Rey Properties have the skills/expertise to solve your real estate problem and ensure minimal stress and hassles along the way.

We are a full-service real estate agency: servicing buyers, sellers, landlords, tenants and property developers in greater Sydney.

Our team of experts have the knowledge, understanding and highest levels of integrity to ensure your best real estate results.

The Rey Properties Business

Rey Properties bring you a complete portfolio of real estate services (buy/sell/build/rent) and what sets us apart from our competition is our ability to put your needs first and use a proven approach to solving any of your real estate problem/s.

Using a proven approach and executing your process seamlessly using our expertise eliminates guesswork, ensures minimal stress and fast tracks your real estate success.

Some more examples of what sets us apart from our competition:
Ability to work with you closely and assess your requirements
Designed plans and façade with our own inclusions ready for clients
Wide panel of custom home builders with decades of experience.

Whatever your real estate (buying/selling/building/renting) need, Rey Properties will hustle for you (by working smart) to fulfill your number #1 goal of finding your dream home that meets all your requirements and is under budget.

Rey Properties Customer Service

Rey Properties always strive for you to have the best experience as a customer throughout your entire real estate journey - that is from your first contact and after doing business with us.

We don’t just want to meet your expectations but exceed them by with 5-star customer service achieved with our:
Knowledge of most problems
Focus on your needs first
Proactive approach
Positive attitude
Problem solving abilities
Quick response times

Since inception of the company, Rey Properties has satisfied over 1,000 clients and you can check out some of that client feedback here

Proof of us achieving the highest standards for customer service and that’s why we stand by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

When you choose to do business with Rey Properties, you have peace of mind, knowing that we are:
  • Trained/qualified
  • Up to date with the market
  • 100% insured.

Rey Properties are ‘The Experts’ in Real Estate

Our real estate team use the latest technology, adopt a problem solving mindset and ‘hustle’ for you by focusing on your individual needs to achieve unparalleled success.

Each of our team undergoes vigorous 360-degree training to ensure they meet our 5 pillars of real estate success:
  1. Knowledge (because the right knowledge is power)
  2. Understanding (of the local housing market)
  3. Honesty/integrity (to ensure the highest levels of professionalism)
  4. Attention to detail (understanding all of your needs)
  5. Passion (the desire to achieve the best results).

We combine these 5 pillars of success with our proven approach to real estate and the result is you’ll save or profit more when you buy or sell from us – and that’s what matters to you most – along with experiencing a seamless approach that leaves you 100% satisfied.

Real Estate Without Any Stress and Hassles

Linking people and homes.

Delivering Smarter Home Results (through proven methods and techniques!)

Superior Knowledge

Better Understanding

The Highest Integrity

100% Fully Insured

“Rey Properties has a team of experts with the right knowledge, understanding and highest levels of integrity to ensure your best real estate results with a seamless process that ensures minimal stress. Whether it is buying, selling, building or renting…

Let us Help You…

Because at Rey Properties We Hustle for Your Home!"

Pasang Sherpa, Principal/LREA of Rey Properties

Real Estate Experts

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

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