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Community Engagement

Your Community Is Community

So together let's make a difference to:

1. Increase Community Visibility
2. Understand Community Issues
3. Empower The Community

Our Community Involvement

Let's transform the community together

Cricket Leagues

NPL (Nepalese Premier League) is a thriving cricket league that is popular with all people in the community. Rey Properties goal is to promote new talents and the physical well-being of people in the community through such events. We are proud owners of Rey Properties Gokyo Heroes, cricket club.

Football Clubs & Leagues

Our involvement enables the community to participate in the game in a variety of roles or positions, as supporters, players, and coaches. Rey Properties goal with football is for it to be the nexus of social inclusion through the active participation of the entire community.

Cultural Events

We’re really blessed with the number of cultures we have in the world – so let’s celebrate them – because every single one can teach you something. Rey Properties goal with cultural events is to bring local communities together by expressing their ideas, traditions, and values.

Movie Premiers

Rey Properties proudly supports the Nepalese movie industry and wants to empower the industry. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy our local movies made for our audience of like-minded community members that celebrate the diversity of our culture, while sharing a laugh at the same time too.

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Our Active Sponsorships

Engaging with sports clubs to reach their potential

Beni FC & The Rising Gurkhas (TRG)

Sponsored by Rey Properties for their amazing love of life and enjoying the beautiful game of football with a free-spirit, dedication to achieving, and comrade that empowers their local community to achieve more.

Gurkha Legends

Legends by name, legends on the volleyball court. This team is sponsored by Rey Properties because they play the game without limits and take that same attitude to bettering their community off the court.

Rey Properties Goyko Heroes

Our very own cricket team. Yeah so, we’re biased and actively sponsor ourselves but the attitude of all our cricket players is not only to have fun but to make a genuine difference in the community by bringing likeminded people together and sharing meaningful conversations.

Laligurans Cricket Club

On their first day playing cricket together, Laligurans laughed about being a team of amateurs. But after winning their first game, they set the goal of being the club that nurtures young talent and helping them become stars of the game – all while giving back to the community.

We'd Love to Get Sponsored Too, Let's Talk

Community Stats that Matter

Because making a difference in your community starts now

88% of Community Professionals Believe that Community is Critical to the Company’s Mission

We believe that too and want you to join us.

60% of Community Professionals are Focused on Scaling the Existing Communities.

We help with that, with your involvement.

People Prefer Communities in Comparison to Social Media Sites Because Meaningful Conversation is 36% Higher

And these conversations can easily transform.

Get Invloved & Make a Difference

Community Engagement Starts Now

Take action today - because Rey Properties is ready to help transform your community

1. Tell us About Your Community Event

Got an upcoming community event and need more support to get it up and running? Just want a second opinion? Then Rey Properties would love to help! Just contact us and one of our friendly team will assess your needs before getting back to you with a prompt outcome.

2. Tell us About Your Sporting Club

Are you part of an awesome sporting club but just feel like it needs an extra boost to reach its potential? Looking for sponsorship? Then contact us and one of our staff will assess your needs before getting back to you with a prompt outcome.

3. Just Contact us for a Friendly Chat

Maybe you’re not sure about your next community event or telling us about your sporting club? That’s fine! Then why not just pick up the phone and call us on 02 8750 8609 where we’ll be more than happy to talk to you about better community engagement.

Get Started

Or give us a call Monday to Saturday (Business Hours) on 02 8750 8609

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